I wonder

I wonder if I’m the person that has been brought into your life to stay & marry you & make you happy everyday for the rest of our lives…

Or if I’m that character in our story that comes in gives you hope, over steps my boundaries because I never learned how to properly fall in love an scare for someone and in the process of being in love with you….

I lose you …

I let myself fall too deep and I become the character in your story that teaches you to avoid people like me that care too much, do too much and want too little, cause truly I just want your love in return .

I want you to be my protagonist that helps me become a better person, that holds me up when I’m down, that I can share beautiful things like seeing my grandparents after 15 years , I want you to be the girl that makes me feel like a young boy turning into a man , I want you to hear about my soccer games that I dedicated goals to you in, I want to share moments & memories with you

I wanna laugh & grown as the facial hair of my adolescent years grows on my face

I wanna be happy & enjoy the life that I have been brought to this world to live…
I believe you are an angel due to the blessings that can only come from being with you .

You are my main character
Because without you there is no story to be discovered .

ML I love you .